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Dalit women in India stage month-long march for justice

For a full month Dalit women have marched in India to fight the vicious cycle of caste and gender discrimination that severely restricts the lives of Dalit women and subjects them to violence, rape and violations of their basic human rights in almost every sphere. They are marching to empower other Dalit women to stand up for themselves and join in the fight and they are demanding justice.

March 19th, 2014|Access to justice, Dalit Women, India|

UNICEF: Dalit girls most excluded from primary education in India

A report just released by UNICEF and UNESCO on out of school children in India highlights that Dalit girls have the highest primary school exclusion rate in India. The report also finds that half of the Pre-School age Dalit children are not attending school.

January 30th, 2014|Dalit Children, Dalit Women, Education, India|

UN Special Rapporteur calls for new measures to fight violence against women

The Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Rashida Manjoo called for the adoption of different norms and measures to fight violence against women around the world and a binding standard of accountability at the international level.

December 16th, 2013|Dalit Women, United Nations|

Acquittals in massacre case shock Dalits

Almost 16 years after the savage killings of 58 Dalits in a Bihar village, the survivors’ fight for justice has suffered a severe blow. On 9 October, the Patna High Court acquitted 26 men who were sentenced for the crime three years ago.

October 14th, 2013|Access to justice, Dalit Women, India|

Dalit women desperately seeking justice

The National Tribunal on Violence Against Dalit Women, organised by AIDMAM, heard over 45 testimonies of Dalit women who had been subjected to kidnapping, murder, physical assault, sexual violence and other crimes against them, and have yet to obtain justice.

October 2nd, 2013|Access to justice, Dalit Women, India|

Strong Dalit protests over Haryana death

The alleged rape and murder of a 20-year old Dalit woman in Haryana has prompted civil society groups to protest against the inaction of the authorities. Her body was found on 25 August in the city of Jind. The victim’s family and activists believe that she was gang-raped before being killed.

August 30th, 2013|Dalit Women, India|

Scavengers threaten to block parliament

Hundreds of manual scavengers demonstrated in Delhi on 7 August against government apathy in abolishing the inhuman practice of manual scavenging. Unless legislation is introduced soon, they will return in their thousands and prevent parliament from functioning.

August 9th, 2013|Access to justice, Caste-based slavery, Dalit Women, India, Manual Scavenging|

Dalit women raise their voices in the UN

Nine Dalit women activists from South Asia attended the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week. Members of the group spoke at a side event on Dalit women on 4 June, and they appealed to UN member states to address their situation.

June 10th, 2013|Bangladesh, Dalit Women, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Asia, United Nations|

Take action to improve conditions for Dalit women

Women and girls facing caste-based discrimination need special protections (Press release from Human Rights Watch, IMADR, Minority Rights Group International and IDSN)

June 7th, 2013|Dalit Women, India, South Asia, United Nations|

Pillay pledges support for Dalit women

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has reiterated her commitment to ending caste discrimination. In a statement to a UN side event on Dalit women, she also called on UN member states to address the issue.

June 5th, 2013|Bangladesh, Dalit Women, India, Nepal, South Asia, United Nations|