One word can make a world of difference in the just adopted EU corporate due diligence legislation

One small word , in the new EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), has the potential to make a giant leap of difference to millions of workers suffering human rights abuses in global supply chains. The focus on anti-discrimination and the inclusion of the word caste, in the recitals of the just adopted CSDDD, underscores that […]

Webinar by ETI Norway addresses caste discrimination in global supply chains 

On 13 April IDSN Executive Director, Meena Varma, spoke at a webinar organised by Ethical Trade Norway. The webinar brought together stakeholders, including Norwegian companies sourcing in South Asia, to share insights and strategies for tackling caste discrimination as well as other forms of discrimination in global supply chains. The event included insightful presentations by […]

OECD side-event proposes strategies for action to address caste in the global garment and footwear supply chains

A recent OECD side-event, co-organised by Arisa and IDSN, delved into caste discrimination within global garment and footwear supply chains, offering practical insights for companies seeking to address this pervasive problem. Led by a panel of experts, the session provided actionable strategies tailored to the challenges posed by caste discrimination. Focusing on the specific context of […]

UN rights review calls for stronger anti-discrimination measures in Bangladesh

In a significant development at the 55th session of the Human Rights Council in March 2024, Bangladesh’s review under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) highlighted critical recommendations focused on eliminating caste-based discrimination, with specific references to the plight of the Dalit community. These recommendations were crucially also accepted by the state. IDSN welcomes these steps and advocate […]

IDSN’s Executive Director Reviews ‘UNTOUCHABLE – Laughing Out Caste’ by Manjeet Sarkar

Well, WHAT A SHOW! Last week, I was privileged to be at the screening of the outstanding documentary by Manjeet Sarkar of Untouchable – Laughing Out Caste, at the Melahuset in Oslo. The time has come, and the mic has not just been passed, it has been […]

Review of the film Origin by IDSN Ambassador Aidan McQuade

IDSN Director, Meena Varma and IDSN Ambassador, Aidan McQuade were invited to a press screening of Film Director, Ava DuVernay’s new film Origin, a film inspired by Isabel Wilkerson’s groundbreaking book – Caste: The origins of our discontent. In the book, Wilkerson argues that the racial tensions in the United States are better explained through the lens […]

IDSN welcomes Renu Sijapati as the first Dalit woman from Nepal to be chair of the IDSN Board

IDSN is delighted to announce the appointment of  Ms Renu Sijapati as the first Dalit woman from Nepal to be elected chair of the IDSN board following approval of the board at IDSN’s General Assembly. Ms Sijapati is the General Secretary of the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) and will be continuing her tenure on the IDSN […]

Report: European Parliament calls for an EU policy on caste discrimination, country strategies and dedicated focal points

IDSN welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament’s report on human rights and democracy in the world and the European Union’s policy on the matter 2023, calling for concrete action to support the work to end caste discrimination. The report highlights caste-related obstacles to accessing justice, employment opportunities and the persistence of segregation and poverty. It […]

EU-India report calls for an EU strategy on addressing caste discrimination

IDSN welcomes The European Parliament adoption of a comprehensive report on EU-India relations on 17 January. This report, while broadly focusing on various aspects of the EU-India relationship excluding trade, contains critical insights and recommendations pertinent to the issue of caste-based discrimination in India. Authored by MEP Alviina Alametsa, the standing rapporteur on India, the document follows […]

IDSN members and associates gather to review, strategize and chart the way forward for a world free of caste discrimination

Perspectives, ideas, insights and engagement filled the room as representatives from IDSN’s member organisations and international associates from across the globe gathered for a two-day general assembly meeting in Geneva on 24-25 November. The meetings kicked off with presentations on the work, triumphs and challenges from all IDSN’s […]