Advocating for equality: IDSN delegation addresses challenges faced by Dalits at key UN Forums

An IDSN delegation of Dalit human rights defenders participated in the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights held on 27-29 November as well as the UN Forum on Minority Issues, held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva from 30 November – 1 December 2023. The delegation made an important impact giving statements and participating in panels, sessions […]

Youth at the forefront: Kathmandu events boosts advocacy to end caste/descent-based discrimination

Marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a series of events focusing on combatting descent-based discrimination, through the prism of access to justice and the role of youth in South Asia, were held in Kathmandu. Spanning four days, from September 4th to 7th, 2023, the events were organized jointly by IPMS/Office of […]

Addressing the situation of Dalits in Bangladesh at the UN UPR pre-session

On 30 September 2023, Probir Sircar, from IDSN’s affiliate organisation, Parittran, was invited by UPR Info, to deliver a statement during the pre-session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Bangladesh in Palais des Nations, Geneva. The event was organised in view of the upcoming Universal Periodic Review of Bangladesh, which will take place on 13 November […]

Caste Discrimination highlighted in the EU’s Annual Human Rights Report

The European Union has recently unveiled its Annual Report on Human Rights, shedding light on various global concerns. Notably, the report offers insights into the EU’s stance and interactions related to caste discrimination and the rights of Dalits.

India: addressing caste-based discrimination

The EU’s engagement with India […]

UN Human Rights Council Regular Session 53 Activities

Since receiving our ECOSOC status in December of 2022, IDSN was finally able to participate in its own right in the 53rd Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council. IDSN highlighted the need to keep caste discrimination on the international agenda through recommendations, meeting with Permanent Missions, statements at Interactive Dialogues and a very successful

Caste and gender-based violence addressed at IDSN’s first UN side-event

Following IDSN’s ECOSOC accreditation last year, we were delighted to formally sponsor and host our first side event at the UN 53rd Human Rights Council. It took place on Wednesday 5 July 2023 and focused on ‘Addressing the intersection of caste and gender-based violence in South Asia’. The side-event was co-sponsored by International Service for Human Rights (ISHR), […]

UN HRC 53 SIDE-EVENT: Addressing the Intersections between Caste and Gender-Based Violence in South Asia

IDSN is hosting a side-event at the 53rd UN Human Rights Council meeting on 5 July 2023, from 11-12 CET in Room XXV at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The event, entitled “Addressing the intersections between caste & gender-based violence in South Asia,” aims to shed light on the ongoing issues of caste-based sexual violence experienced by […]

Pakistan UPR review: caste-related recommendations

The outcome report on the United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Pakistan has been published and will be presented during the 53rd session held from 19 June to 14 July 2023. The outcomes of the review have implications for all marginalised communities in Pakistan, including the Dalits, who form a significant portion […]

Progress in the fight to #EndCasteDiscrimination in the global South Asian diaspora

Over the past months the campaign to end caste discrimination in key South Asian diaspora communities has gathered momentum. Anti-caste groups and activists in the US, Canada, UK and Australia have carried out targeted advocacy and made significant progress towards the goal of ensuring protections and legal recourse for those experiencing caste discrimination in South Asian communities […]

Bangladesh: Gathering momentum for inclusive anti-discrimination legislation

In a significant step towards fostering equality and social justice, the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) and Parittran recently organised a National Consultation Meeting on the Anti-Discrimination Bill-2022. Held in Dhaka, the event served as a platform for diverse stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations on the proposed legislation. The meeting aimed to address the concerns and aspirations […]