IDSN monitors the work and mechanisms of the world’s leading human rights body, the Human Rights Council, with a particular focus on caste discrimination. In association with its members, IDSN facilitates civil society submissions and interventions in the HRC in support of relevant thematic studies and country reviews.

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  • A compilation of references to caste discrimination by UN Special Procedures, UN treaty bodies and the Universal Periodic Review mechanism can be found here

HRC resolution on discrimination based on work and descent

In particular, IDSN urges the Human Rights Council to endorse and make use of the UN Principles and Guidelines as a comprehensive international framework to address caste-based discrimination.

In sum, the Human Rights Council is called upon to adopt a resolution on discrimination based on work and descent in the HRC, which:

  1. Condemns discrimination based on work and descent as a violation of international human rights law, as confirmed by several UN human rights bodies;
  2. Welcomes the draft UN principles and guidelines for the effective elimination of discrimination based on work and descent, published by the HRC in 2009  (A/HRC/11/CRP.3);
  3. Invites Member States and their institutions, UN agencies and international institutions, the private sector, and civil society give due consideration and make use of the draft UN Principles and Guidelines on the effective elimination of discrimination based on work and descent;
  4. Decides to convene a panel debate in the HRC on this topic, and requests the OHCHR to undertake a global study on the topic as a basis for this discussion;
  5. Establishes an independent monitoring mechanism to promote and oversee human rights violations against persons affected by discrimination based on work and descent.

Read full version of IDSN’ Appeal to UN Member States, Special Procedures and UN agencies

Background information

The Human Rights Council is a charter-based body with 47 member states responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of all human rights. The Human Rights Council, which replaced the former Commission on Human Rights, was created pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/251. Visit the Human Rights Council’s website for more information

Some of the human rights mechanisms established under the Human Rights Council provide opportunities for making inputs, recommendations and submitting complaints on the situation of Dalits: