Photo: Jacob Carlsen

Sukhwinder is 14 years old and working to pay off his dead father’s debt to their landlord. Haryana, India. Photo: Jakob Carlsen

The Dalit Discrimination Check is a tool developed specifically to help companies prevent discrimination and exploitation of Dalits in their Indian operations and suppliers.

The tool is designed as a comprehensive checklist consisting of self-guided questions and indicators that highlight possible violations.

It provides simple descriptions of what components of Dalit discrimination look like in the business context. It allows managers to check their compoany’s policies, procedures and performance.

The tool is relevant for all companies operating in or sourcing from India. It can help companies implement corporate social responsibility principles, such as the Global Compact and the Ambedkar Principles. The check takes its point of departure in the Ambedkar Principles and is developed by the Human Rights and Business Programme of the Danish Institute for Human Rights and IDSN with the support of the Danish Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The Dalit Discrimination check is available for free and exists in a booklet version.

Download the booklet version here

Download an information sheet about the Dalit Discrimination Check