EU maintains a political dialogue with a number of caste-affected countries and pursues human right dialogues at various levels.  IDSN seeks to influence the EU to take caste discrimination into the policy and human rights dialogues with affected countries in a systematic and transparent manner.

The EU should find ways to further enhance dialogues with third countries on the topic of caste-based discrimination, such as for example at the EU-India summit and ministerial and expert meetings. The European External Action Service (EEAS) should hold regular in-country consultations with representatives of affected communities in advance of human rights dialogues and the development of EU human rights strategies, and in connection with Universal Periodic Reviews.

IDSN also recommends that the EU develops a coordinating mechanism and procedure for drawing on relevant information and acting specifically on caste-related human rights observations and recommendations by UN Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures and Universal Period Reviews.

Download a compilation of UN recommendations on caste-based discrimination

IDSN continues to push for a comprehensive EU policy framework for the elimination of caste discrimination.