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Nepal´s second review – 23rd session – 4 November 2015

Nepal was reviewed by the UPR working group at the 23rd UPR session on November 4. 2015. During the interactive dialogue 17 states mentioned caste in their statements and recommendations to the Government of Nepal. 9 recommendations made it into the final report. For an overview of caste references made during the review see: IDSN -Extracts on caste from the 2nd UPR of Nepal.

Though the Government accepted the recommendations related to caste-discrimination into the Report on the UPR Working Group, all of the 9 recommendations were categorized by the government as “already implemented or in the process of implementation”. IDSN and the Dalit CSO Coalition worry that this will weaken the implementation of the recommendations designed to help the caste affected communities in Nepal.

Before the session a coalition of Nepalese NGOs “Dalit Civil Society Organizations’ Coalition for UPR, Nepal” and IDSN submitted an advance contribution to the review:

Human Rights Situation of the Dalit Community in Nepal, Dalit Civil Society Organisations Coalition and IDSN Joint UPR Submission Nepal November 2015

For an overview of the most essential recommendations see also: Key recommendations for the Universal Periodic Review of Nepal, 23rd UPR Session, 4 November 2015.

See the joint statement by IDSN, FEDO and IMADR, delivered at the presentation of the Report by the UPR Working Group for the 31st session of the Human Rights Council.

Nepal´s first review – 10th session – 4 January 2011

Nepal was first reviewed by the UPR working group at the 10th UPR session on 25 January 2011. A coalition of Nepalese NGOs submitted advance contributions to the review as did a number of national human rights bodies, including the National Dalit Commission.

More than 20 states mentioned caste discrimination in their interventions, and numerous questions were asked and recommendations made on this issue. The Government of Nepal accepted a number of recommendations, but questions remain regarding their implementation.

For specific information on the recommendations related to caste from the first UPR cycle, their status of implementation and specific follow-up actions proposed see the Overview of UPR recommendations related to caste-based discrimination – Nepal 2011.

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