December 2009

Ensure economic emancipation of marginalised communities (Daily Star)

Tatas lead India Inc. in hiring Dalits (The Economic Times)

India Press Clippings: After the flood, a deluge of discrimination (Hindustan Times)  Dalit boy set on fire in Madhya Pradesh (IANS) Dalit family sold for Rs 2.75 lakh in Rajasthan (Times of India) Dalit man shot dead for sitting on chair  (IANS/ExpressBuzz) Dalit women more humiliated when raped (Times of India) It takes more than poverty to quit school (ExpressBuzz) Laws have failed to check discrimination (Indian Express) SC/ST Confederation to go on hunger strike (Times of India) SC/ST welfare funds diverted, basic demands still unfulfilled (The Hindu) Six get life for massacring Dalits (IANS) Two get lifer under SC/ST Act (Times of India) Violation of human rights still goes on ( Daiji) (World) 26/11: Day when statute was adopted (Times of India) Orissa: Accused let off in 11 cases ( Orissa Diary)

November 2009

Newspaper gives Dalit women their own voice (La times)

More India Press Clippings: UN’s caste declaration riles India (Asia Times)Safai karamcharis seek alternative jobs (The Hindu) Dalit children beaten up for going to school (Express news service) Dalits enter TN temple first time in 100 years – (Times of India) Dalit woman dies after being denied medical attention (IANS) “Extend SC status to Dalit Christians, Dalit Muslims” (The Hindu) Eshwarappa calls for end to caste discrimination (The Hindu)Rajasthan town free from manual scavenging (IANS) Caste bias rules in Virudhunagar village  (Express Buzz)

Nepal’s Dalit Women: Fighting for Dignity (Global Voices)

October 2009

India Press Clippings: Uthapuram Dalits get relief  (The Hindu) Now, a quota in graves too!  (The Times of India) NREGS not caste in stone (The Hindu) Dalit literature reflects oppression (The Hindu) Dalit Christians to walk out of Eraiyur village (Express Buzz)

Dalit woman priest works silent revolution In her youth, she was not allowed to enter her village temple. Now, 43-year old Sukmaya Rokaya is a priest at a temple in Kathmandu (Manorama online)

September 2009

Dalit children protest against manual scavenging Some 1.000 Dalit children took part in a protest rally against manual scavenging in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on 17 August. The event was organized by the local NGO, Navsarjan (Times of India)

More India Press Clippings: Welfare of Dalits is mere lip service (Hindustan Times) Caste taunts by teacher drives 66 girls away from school  (Times of India) 56 Dalit families are facing eviction (The Hindu) All for one: Atrocities against Dalits ( Indian Express) Dalits won’t take it lying down anymore ( Hard News) Govt struggles to implement quota (Indian Express) Round table held on Dalits (Express Buzz)

July 2009

India Press Clippings : Registration of cases of violence against Dalits has soared in Uttar Pradesh ( Express India) Orissa’s Forgotten Dalit Christians(NDTV) A Grain Of Good Sense: Legislating against hunger is a great idea that needs expansion to take scheduled castes into consideration (Outlook India) Government working out welfare plans for over 5 million Mahadalits in Bihar  (Times of India)

June 2009

The killing of a lower caste Sikh preacher, in a temple shootout in Vienna, sparks riots and debate about the issue of caste discrimination For further information read the news articles on the shooting and its repercussions fromFox News here and from Al Jazeera here. Read also the Times of India article “Vienna clash may put caste in the global spotlight” and the blog on the topic of “Race against caste.” A vast array of global newspapers covered the issue and the BBC has launched a ‘your views on caste prejudice’ debate site. A number of events have also been organized, read for example about how Sikhs marched in London to protest against caste discrimination.

India Press Clippings : A Dalit woman, is appointed Speaker of the Lok Sabha (India’s House of Parliament) Meira Kumar, 64, was unanimously elected Speaker on the 3rd of June, where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh commented, “For the first time, a woman member of this august house has been elected as speaker and that too, a woman belonging to the Dalit community.” IDSN hopes that this will lead to increased political focus on caste discrimination in future, and will be monitoring the developments. Read the news article from Straits Times, an interview with Ms. Kumar in the Times of India, and the article “First Dalit woman elected to Indian Parliament,” in Christianity Today, for more information

 The Hindu has brought an article on ’Caste and the World’ (The Hindu )

May 2009

Dalit girls waitressing in Mysore ( The Guardian)

Caste discrimination in relation to the Indian elections (Al- Jazeera )

Google maps stumbles upon the caste issue in Japan  (US News)