Wit the aim to identify, share and learn from examples of good practices and strategies to eliminate caste-based discrimination, IDSN encouraged all participants at the International Consultation (2011), as well as those persons/organisations who were not able to participate, to submit a ‘good practice’ case to share their experiences on what has worked and what can be improved in efforts against caste-based discrimination.

Building on the cases submitted in advance of the consultation, as well as the  presentations and discussions during the consultation, a report was prepared drawing on the overall findings and reflections on good practices and strategies to eliminate caste-based discrimination by governments, civil society, national & international institutions and agencies.

Read the Report from the International Consultation

Read about the outcome declaration, urgent global call for action and recommendations of the Consultation here


The following cases were submitted in advance of the consultation to IDSN. All cases have been approved for publication by the submitting parties.

Download case on the International Consultation on Good Practices and Strategies to Eliminate Caste-Based Discrimination

Draft Guidelines for International Humanitarian Stakeholders for Addressing Caste-Based Discrimination in Disaster Response Formed as a comprehensive case study on India, these draft guidelines were developed for the International Consultation 2011. They provide operational guidance on how to prevent caste-based discrimination in disaster management.

Download case on Forming a Citizen Welfare Committee (Nagarika Surakshya Committe)(India)

Download case on the Arundithiyar Movement in Tamil Nadu (India)

Download case by the Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI) on Promoting Equity and Inclusion or Dalit children and youth(India)

Download case on the Garima Abhiyan (National Campaign for Dignity and Eradication of Manual Scavenging)(India)

Download case on the Mobilization of Dalit Women’s group (Nepal)

Download case on Advocacy and Campaigning by the National Dalit Movement in Bangladesh (2008-2011)

Download case on Building and Strengthening a National Dalit Movement in Bangladesh (2008-2011) 

Download case on Improving the Housing and Sanitation Problems facing Dalits in Bangladesh 

Promoting the Rights and Leadership of Dalit Women in Bangladesh

Download case by IMADR on Buraku discrimination (Japan)

Download case on Efforts of CSOs in Enhancing Access of Dalits to Services, Resources and Development (Nepal) 

Download case on Jamin Adhikar Andolan (JAA)’s Land Righs Campaign

Download case on Tackling Discrimination in Rajasthan (Dalit Mahila Manch, India)

Download a Good Practice On Haliya Rights Movement in Nepal (RDN Nepal)

CALL FOR CASES (now closed)

IDSN calls on all interested parties to prepare and submit a ‘good practice’ case on the elimination of caste discrimination before 20 November 2011.

The cases can cover as diverse practices as grass-root level initiatives, national mobilisation campaigns, media trainings, and international advocacy campaigns, and can represent a past experience or current practice. All cases should be viewed from a human rights perspective, and must aim to promote the general principles of non-discrimination, equality and inclusion. For further explanation on the criteria for defining a good practice,  read the introduction to the standard questionnaire.

The case can be submitted in any format chosen. However, in order to make it comparative and replicable to other practices, the following standard questionnaire may be used as an inspiration or guide. The description of the case should not exceed more than 3-4 pages.

Download standard questionnaire on ‘good practice’ cases