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Bangladesh was reviewed for the second time by the UPR mechanism at the 16th session on the 29 April 2013. In her opening statement the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Ms. Dipu Moni, stated that “Our Government has officially recognized the socio-economic discriminations faced by Dalits and other underprivileged groups and created provisions for their socio-economic development through affirmative action“.

During the review two States made recommendations on Dalit issues:

  • 130.15. Adopt an action plan to address the situation of Dalits and eliminate discrimination against them, including by ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation (Slovenia)
  •  130.23. Continue improving the conditions of children, women, Dalits, indigenous people, refugees and migrants taking into account the special situation and difficulties that those groups have to overcome (Holy See)

These recommendations was after further examination partly accepted with the following wording in the Government response:

These recommendations enjoy the support of Bangladesh in part where they are in consonance with national policies and laws. The Constitution of Bangladesh guarantees equal rights and freedoms for all citizens, and gives accent on ameliorating the conditions of the vulnerable groups. The Government has made sustained efforts to ensure protection of religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities and other marginalized groups in the country. The Government has taken initiatives to protect various disadvantaged groups from discrimination and stigmatization. These groups have been included in the social safety net programmes and free housing schemes for vulnerable groups. Some of them have been provided with reserved quotas for their employment in the public sector and in educational institutions. An Anti-Discrimination Law is in the offing, which will criminalize any legal or social discrimination against these vulnerable groups and provide them with higher protection. As per the Constitution of Bangladesh, there are no ‘indigenous minorities’ or ‘group’ in Bangladesh. All citizens of the country are indigenous to the land.

NGO documents:

UN documents:

Mid-term assessment (2011):

IDSN, BDERM and NU prepared a mid-term assessment of the Government’s implementation of UPR recommendations relevant to the human rights situation of Dalits in Bangladesh. The report was submitted to UPR-Info in November 2011.

First review – 4th session – 3 February 2009:

The first review of the Government of Bangladesh took place on 3 February 2009. IDSN prepared a joint submission on caste-based discrimination in Bangladesh together with national Dalit platform members.

NGO documents:

  • UPR report on caste discrimination in Bangladesh prepared by IDSN in association with the Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM) and Nagorik Uddyog in Bangladesh
  • Key UPR Recommendations prepared by Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM), IDSN and Nagorik Uddyog in Bangladesh
  • Press Relase about the UN review of Bangladesh Human Rights record at the UPR – 4 February 2009
  • Joint UPR report prepared by a coalition of 17 NGOs in Bangladesh. See para. 60-61 for a section on caste discrimination
  • List of Key Issues from the Human Rights Forum on the UPR Bangladesh

UN documents:

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