Is your business operating in, or sourcing from, a caste affected country?

Business operations in caste-affected countries are at a high risk of being based on the economic exploitation or seclusion of caste-affected communities and others at the “low” end of the caste hierarchy.

Violations of both national legislation as well as international law, in particular the international labour standards, often occur.

We urge you to:

A. Check your operations for caste discrimination

The Danish Institute for Human Rights, IDSN and the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs have developed the Dalit Discrimination Check – a tool for companies operating in or sourcing from India. Take guidance from the online check or the booklet version and make sure your company is not complicit in caste discrimination.

Check out the Dalit Discrimination Check via the Human Rights & Business website
Download a folder with more information on the check
Download the full check in written version

B. Apply the Ambedkar principles

IDSN and its network have developed a set of principles that covers employment and additional principles to address economic and social exclusion of Dalits in South Asia. As part of your commitment to corporate social responsibility follow these principles in your operations. Ask suppliers to do the same.

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