The Government of Micronesia was examined by the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Januart 1998. On 14 January 1998, the Committee issued its Concluding Observations (CRC/C/15/Add.86)

C. Positive aspects

6. It is noted with appreciation that the prohibition of discrimination on any ground, in particular of race, ethnic origin, colour, religion or caste, is contained in the Constitution, which makes it an excellent basis for the implementation of the Convention in Burkina Faso.

D. Principal Subjects of Concern

15. As regards the implementation of article 2, the Committee is particularly concerned at the insufficient measures adopted to ensure the full enjoyment by girl children of the rights recognized in the Convention. The Committee is concerned at the difference between boys and girls with regard to the minimum age of marriage, as well as the possibility for girls to marry at an earlier age than 16. The Committee is also concerned at the existence of a caste system, especially in Yap State, and its incompatibility with the provisions of article 2

E. Suggestions and Recommendations

32. It is the Committee’s view that further efforts must be undertaken to ensure that the general principles of the Convention not only guide policy discussions and decision-making, but are also appropriately reflected in any judicial and administrative proceedings and in the development and implementation of all projects, programmes and services which have an impact on children. While noting existing legislation prohibiting discrimination, the Committee also emphasizes that the principle of non-discrimination, as provided under article 2 of the Convention, must be fully implemented, including with regard to the girl child, disparities between states and social status. In this regard, the Committee encourages the State party to send additional information on the caste system. The Committee wishes to encourage the State party to further develop a systematic approach to increasing public awareness of the participatory rights of children in the light of article 12 of the Convention.