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Webinar by ETI Norway addresses caste discrimination in global supply chains 

On 13 April IDSN Executive Director, Meena Varma, spoke at a webinar organised by Ethical Trade Norway. The webinar brought together stakeholders, including Norwegian companies sourcing in South Asia, to share insights and strategies […]
May 14th, 2024|Business, Solidarity Networks|

IDSN’s Executive Director Reviews ‘UNTOUCHABLE – Laughing Out Caste’ by Manjeet Sarkar

Well, WHAT A SHOW! Last week, I was privileged to be at the screening of the outstanding documentary by Manjeet Sarkar of Untouchable – Laughing Out Caste, at the Melahuset in Oslo. The time […]
April 18th, 2024|Human Rights Defenders, Solidarity Networks|

IDSN members and associates gather to review, strategize and chart the way forward for a world free of caste discrimination

Perspectives, ideas, insights and engagement filled the room as representatives from IDSN’s member organisations and international associates from across the globe gathered for a two-day general assembly meeting in Geneva on 24-25 November. The meetings […]

European Dalit Solidarity networks meet in Copenhagen to chart out future strategies for collaboration

IDSN was delighted to welcome representatives from Dalit Solidarity Networks in Germany, UK, Finland and Norway to Copenhagen for a two-day meeting from 8-9 February. IDSN International Associate Arisa from The Netherlands also took […]
March 22nd, 2022|Solidarity Networks|

IDSN Annual Report 2020-21

The IDSN Annual Report 2020-21 covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s work under the thematic areas Dalit women and gender justice, business and human rights and equality and participation. The report can be […]

Ethical Trade Norway event highlights the need to tackle caste discrimination in global supply chains

IDSN presented on the panel of the event “Modern Slavery: Stakeholder dialogue on Caste in Global Supply Chains” organised by Ethical Trade Norway on 14 December,  to discuss ways to tackle caste discrimination in […]
December 20th, 2020|Business, Solidarity Networks, South Asia|

Angela Davis speaks up about #DalitLivesMatter

Veteran civil rights and #BlackLivesMatter campaigner Professor Angela Davis has given a video statement about the need for increased solidarity with the #DalitLivesMatter movement. The statement can be viewed on YouTube and as a text […]

The Dalit Solidarity Network Finland celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Dalit Solidarity Network – Finland (DSNFi) celebrated its tenth anniversary as an online celebration on 16 November 2020. The celebration brought together more than thirty participants from Nepal, India, UK and many parts […]
November 22nd, 2020|European Union, Solidarity Networks|

35,000 view the debate on caste and colourism with the Producer of the Netflix show Indian Matchmaking

The discussion strikes a chord with many and centres around a critique by IDSN and Dalit activists that the Netflix show sweeps casteism and colourism under the rug, by implying them on the show […]
August 28th, 2020|Dalit Women, Diaspora, India, Solidarity Networks|

Norwegian Minister of Development voices support to end caste discrimination

The Minister stressed the importance of specifically addressing key SDGs as highlighted in IDSN’s new strategy including Sustainable Development Goals 1 (Poverty); 5 (Gender); 8 (Decent Work); 10 (Inequality); and 16 (Access to justice). The […]
September 11th, 2019|development, Nepal, Solidarity Networks, South Asia|