IDSN was delighted to welcome representatives from Dalit Solidarity Networks in Germany, UK, Finland and Norway to Copenhagen for a two-day meeting from 8-9 February. IDSN International Associate Arisa from The Netherlands also took part in the meeting and special guest, Priyadharsini Palani, from The Blue Club, made an inspiring presentation on the organisation’s work on amplifying the voices of Dalit women.

All the organisations participating gave presentations on their work, as did IDSN, to open up for exploring new synergies and avenues for enhanced collaboration. Achievements and challenges were shared and new strategies discussed centred around IDSN’s three core thematic priorities: Dalit women and gender justice; business and human rights; and equality and participation.

The meeting was a great catalyst for maintaining and creating new opportunities and recharging the personal connections after a few years of virtual collaboration due to the pandemic. IDSN invited Priyadharsini Palani, from IDSN affiliate in India, The Blue Club to give a presentation on the future of Dalit women representation in the media scape and the Blue Club’s work on securing space for, and amplifying, the voices of Dalit women.

Ways forward within United Nations and European Union political spheres were discussed as was how to ensure that businesses are aware of their human rights obligations when it comes to caste discrimination. Experience, expertise and key learnings were shared and the new paths charted out reflected this.

Participants expressed leaving Copenhagen feeling re-energised to embark on the work to end caste discrimination in their respective settings and IDSN looks forward to following up and through on the agreed plans.

Photo by Iiris Kivimäki