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Bollywood star denounces caste discrimination

In a recent episode of his popular talk show, Satyamev Jayate, the actor Aamir Khan focused on caste discrimination and declared it a ‘mental illness’.

August 15th, 2012|Caste-based slavery, India, Manual Scavenging|

Parliamentarians in India raise their voices for the eradication of manual scavenging

Following a targeted campaign by the National Campaign for Dignity and Eradication of Manual Scavenging and other activists, Indian Parliamentarians are now taking the issue of manual scavenging up in Parliament.

May 9th, 2012|Access to justice, Caste-based slavery, India, Manual Scavenging|

Motion passed in Dutch Parliament on full supply chain transparency in India’s garment industry, following report highlighting Dalits in bonded labour

A Motion in the Dutch Parliament on full supply chain transparency in the garment industry in India has been adopted in the wake of the report ‘Maid in India’ by SOMO and the India Committee of the Netherlands

Manual Scavenging highlighted by ILO and others in conferences, reports and a hearing

These past months have seen a flurry of activity to support the struggle to end the abhorrent practice of Dalits being employed to remove human waste from dry latrines manually which persists despite having been officially abolished by law in India since 1993. In India, the ILO has organised a conference to address this problem, a National Public Hearing has been held by the National Campaign for Dignity and Eradication of Manual Scavenging, reports have been released and media have reported widely about the persistence of the practice.

April 27th, 2012|Caste-based slavery, India, Manual Scavenging|

Dalits still working in bonded labour in the cotton industry despite some improvements, new report finds

Follow-up report highlights improvements but warns that root problems remain and bonded labour continues to exist in the cotton indsutry.

March 5th, 2012|Caste-based slavery, Dalit Children, India|

UN: End the bonded labour system in Nepal

The UN and national level Dalit bodies are urging the Government to end the bonded labour system in Nepal, known as the Haliya system, and implement rehabilitation schemes for freed Haliyas. Haliyas in Nepal are predominantly Dalits, excluded from other work due to rampant caste discrimination.

October 3rd, 2011|Caste-based slavery, Nepal|

Caste-based slavery in the mining sector highlighted in UN debate

The UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery noted with concern that children from marginalised groups, including tribal and lower caste communities, are "doubly vulnerable to abuses" in the mining sector.

September 20th, 2011|Caste-based slavery, India, United Nations|

The ILO and Manual Scavengers in India: Paving the way towards the elimination of caste discrimination

ILO: For millions of people, contemporary India has become a land of opportunities, and the largest democracy in the world has experienced a remarkable economic growth during the last decade. Yet, as India accelerates its pace towards development, many are left behind due to long standing caste-based discrimination in employment. ILO Online reports from Rajasthan, India.

August 25th, 2011|Caste-based slavery, India, Manual Scavenging|

Dalit girls working under slave like conditions in India’s garment industry

Multinational clothing brands are sourcing from cotton spinning mills in Tamil Nadu that exploit teenage girls, subjecting them to what the ILO terms the ‘worst forms of child labour’.

May 19th, 2011|Business, Caste-based slavery, Dalit Children, Dalit Women, India|

The cost of cotton – Every 30 minutes an Indian farmer commits suicide

India is failing to address its farmer suicide crisis, says the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ), in a report released yesterday that has indentified an agrarian crisis in India where farmer suicides are on the rise and caste discrimination only exacerbates the problem.

May 16th, 2011|Business, Caste-based slavery, India|