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UN: Plight of Dalit women highlighted by the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women

“The intergenerational nature of caste-based discrimination condemns women to a life of exclusion, marginalization and disadvantage in every sphere of life. Many of those women are denied an education and economic opportunities, and perform dangerous and unprotected work, including … modern forms of slavery,” stated the SR on Violence against Women, Ms. Rashida Manjoo, in her report following her mission to India.

May 5th, 2014|Bangladesh, Dalit Women, India, United Nations|

EP Committee approves caste resolution

Next month, the European Parliament will express serious concern about caste discrimination and urge the EU to take action on this important human rights issue.

September 19th, 2013|Access to justice, Bangladesh, European Union, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Yemen|

Dalit women raise their voices in the UN

Nine Dalit women activists from South Asia attended the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week. Members of the group spoke at a side event on Dalit women on 4 June, and they appealed to UN member states to address their situation.

June 10th, 2013|Bangladesh, Dalit Women, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Asia, United Nations|

Pillay pledges support for Dalit women

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has reiterated her commitment to ending caste discrimination. In a statement to a UN side event on Dalit women, she also called on UN member states to address the issue.

June 5th, 2013|Bangladesh, Dalit Women, India, Nepal, South Asia, United Nations|

Consultation discusses law against caste discrimination

At a regional consultation in Dhaka, human rights campaigners discussed steps towards enactment of special legislation to ensure equal rights for Dalits and other excluded communities in Bangladesh.

December 11th, 2012|Access to justice, Bangladesh|

Joint UPR submission on Dalit rights in Bangladesh

In a newly released report, the Government of Bangladesh is called upon to enact a law against untouchability practices, and implement a national action plan to comprehensively address discrimination based on work and descent against Dalits and other excluded groups.

October 9th, 2012|Bangladesh, United Nations|

NHRC chairman calls for law to protect Dalits

Dalits in Bangladesh face severe national and social injustice, says Dr Mizanur Rahman, chairman of the country's National Human Rights Commission.

August 6th, 2012|Access to justice, Bangladesh|

Dalits in Bangladesh demand budgetary allocations

Bangladesh Dalit Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM) demanded specific allocations development of Dalit communities in the upcoming National Budget. BDERM raised the demands in a seminar organized at Dhaka Reporters Unity on May 5th.

May 6th, 2012|Access to justice, Bangladesh, Political Participation|

IDSN on YouTube

IDSN have launched a YouTube Channel on

Bangladesh: NHRC Chairman urges Government to protect the human rights of Dalits

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in Bangladesh, Mr Mizanur Rahman, urged the Government to be more generous in protecting the rights of Dalits at a press conference jointly organised by the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) and the Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF).

March 7th, 2011|Bangladesh|