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Caste and human rights in supply chains raised at UN Forum (IDSN News)


January 24th, 2022||

Nepal: UN Poverty Expert says caste discrimination is “the single most important factor” explaining why Dalits are disproportionately affected by poverty – International Dalit Solidarity Network


January 24th, 2022||

Apply anti-atrocities Act on Dalit Muslims, Christians: UN anti-race panel tells GoI


January 24th, 2022||

In India, 5 out of 6 multidimensionally poor are from lower tribes or castes: UN report | India News – Times of India


January 24th, 2022||

Recommendations for the 48 th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council (13 September – 8 October 2021)


January 24th, 2022||

IDSN issues recommendations from the 48th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (IDSN)


January 24th, 2022||

ID: SG report on Reprisals – 26th Meeting, 48th Regular Session Human Rights Council | UN Web TV


January 24th, 2022||

Pradip Pariyar from the Samata Foundation Nepal speaking at UN HRC48 – YouTube


January 24th, 2022||

IDSN participation at the 48th session of the Human Rights Council (IDSN)


January 24th, 2022||

Examining the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child through the Lens of Caste- and Descent-Based Discrimination (Chapter in Oxford Handbooks)


January 11th, 2022||