UN CESCR Review: Pakistan neglect to acknowledge rights abuses against Dalits

Rights activist, Pirbhu Lal Satyani, from Sindh, Pakistan, spoke during the review urging the Government to acknowledge the serious human rights issues faced by Dalits in Pakistan. Mr. Satyani formed part of IDSN’s delegation to the review, representing the Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network.

He briefed committee members giving a statement on the key issues faced by Dalits in Pakistan, […]

Call to action: Outlaw caste discrimination in the UK

Caste discrimination occurs in diaspora communities from caste affected countries living in the UK, and is currently not adequately addressed. Rights campaigners have therefore been working for years to ensure that the Government take action to implement the caste clause of the UK Equality Act, as agreed by the UK Parliament in 2013. According to The Government Equalities Office (GEO) […]

Dalit rights issues raised at the NGO event of the year in Finland

“The Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland (DSNFi) participated in the World Village Festival on May 27-28. The festival had 78 000 visitors during the weekend. It is annual multicultural event organised by the Kepa – the platform for Finnish CSOs. The festival program includes discussions on global themes related to human rights and sustainable development and cultural program like […]

UN Members States: India must do more to uphold the rights of Dalits

Several states addressed the need to introduce new policies and implement existing ones to prevent violence and attacks against Dalits, as well as ensuring justice for victims of such crimes. Others addressed the need to ensure free and compulsory universal education and prioritise anti-discrimination measures in its provision, protect the rights of Dalit women and uphold the countries anti-discrimination […]

India urged to address caste discrimination in new Disaster Risk Reduction plan

It is a well-documented fact that in disaster situations Dalits are often discriminated against when it comes to relief work as well as rebuilding homes, livelihoods and offering compensation for assets lost. It has therefore been a key demand from human rights campaigners for many years that India address caste discrimination directly and openly in its disaster risk response […]

Joint submission for the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights review of Pakistan

Please download the full report here and see the recommendations from the report below.


  • The GoP should adopt a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of caste and take effective and immediate measures to ensure its effective implementation to protect those discriminated against on the basis of caste, as recommended by the
  • The GoP should provide […]

States neglect to address caste discrimination at the UN rights review of the UK

DSN-UK have summarised the review on their website stating:

Prior to the review DSN-UK and International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN) made a joint submission to the UPR, outlining the need to outlaw caste-based discrimination in the UK and the government’s failure to implement the legislation as agreed by Parliament. DSN-UK and IDSN also distributed DSN-UK recommendations to a number of Geneva […]

New human rights portal in Nepal to help bring justice to Dalits

The organisations behind the portal describe it in a press release on the portal website stating:

The Dalit Human Rights Portal (DHR-PORTAL) is a brand new media tool in Nepal to advance work on eliminating caste-based discrimination and untouchability (CBD&U). This is a system designed to alert government officials, police officials, local organizations, activists, journalists, and common people to incidents […]

HRW: India must stop ‘cow protection’ vigilante violence against Dalits and Muslims

In the report Human Rights Watch (HRW) states:

Indian authorities should promptly investigate and prosecute self-appointed “cow protectors” who have committed brutal attacks against Muslims and Dalits over rumors that they sold, bought, or killed cows for beef, Human Rights Watch said today. Instead of taking prompt legal action against the vigilantes, many linked to extremist Hindu groups affiliated with […]

Landmark UN guidance tool on caste discrimination launched in Kathmandu

In a historic event in Kathmandu, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) launched a comprehensive guidance tool addressing caste-based discrimination. The tool is meant to support UN country teams, agencies and other stakeholders in combatting caste-based discrimination and has been welcomed by UN stakeholders as well as human rights activists across the world. […]