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The report covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s work under the thematic areas Dalit women and gender justice, business and human rights and equality and participation. Download the report The highlights of the report include: IDSN celebrated its 20th Anniversary gathering together members, associates and friends  IDSN General Assembly adopted new 2024-2030 strategy, elected […]

ETI Guidance: caste in global supply chains


Download the PDF versions of the ETI Base Code Guidance: Caste in global supply chains >>

IDSN Roadmap to the UNOHCHR Guidance Tool on Descent-Based Discrimination

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IDSN has published a Roadmap to the “UNOHCHR Guidance Tool on Descent-Based Discrimination: Key challenges and strategic approaches to combat caste-based discrimination and analogous forms of discrimination.” The Roadmap serves as an introduction to the concepts and recommendations covered in the tool.[/intro] The Roadmap offers check boxes on actions within the four main areas covered in […]

Dalit women fight!


This booklet contains information on Dalit women’s human rights, key issues, cases, quotes from activists, INGOs, the UN and the EU and calls to action.

Rehabilitating Former Manual Scavengers

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Breaking Free: Rehabilitating Manual Scavengers Manual scavenging refers to the practice of manually cleaning, carrying, disposing or handling in any manner, human excreta from dry latrines and sewers. It often involves using the most basic of tools such as buckets, brooms and baskets. The practice of manual scavenging is linked to India’s caste system where […]

“They Say We’re Dirty” – Denying an Education to India’s Marginalized 

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Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims are most at risk of dropping out of school and being denied an education in India – states the comprehensive report “They say we’re dirty” – Denying an Education to India’s Marginalised, just released by Human Rights Watch. The authors of the report interviewed hundreds of students, parents, teachers and officials […]