Dalit Rights are Human Rights

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Dalit Rights are Human Rights (One World Action/BDERM, 2010, Publication) (2010)

Caste Discrimination and Harassment in Great Britain (Nieser, 2010, Publication)

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The Government-commissioned research into the prevalence of caste prejudice and discrimination undertaken by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Understanding Untouchability

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Understanding Untouchability – A Comprehensive Study of Practices and Conditions in 1589 Villages by Navsarjan Trust and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights (2010)

Caste-based discrimination is the most complex human rights issue facing India today. To date, the tools used to assess its status have been divided by discipline—human rights, […]

Unequal by Law, Unequal by Caste

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Caste-based oppression in India lives today in an environment seemingly hostile to its presence: a nation-state that has long been labeled the “world’s largest democracy;” a progressive and protective constitution; a system of laws designed to proscribe and punish acts of discrimination on the basis of caste; broad-based programs of affirmative action that include […]