Claiming Justice: A Study of Civil Society Organizations’ (CSO) Interventions in Addressing Atrocities Against Dalits and Tribals

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Read the full report here (uploaded to the IDSN website with the permission of NDMJ) Nazdeek, a legal capacity building organization committed to bringing access to justice close for marginalized communities in India, in collaboration with the National Dalit Movement for Justice  announces the release of the groundbreaking report Claiming Justice: A Study of Civil Society Organizations’ (CSO) Interventions in […]

Unequal by Law, Unequal by Caste

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Caste-based oppression in India lives today in an environment seemingly hostile to its presence: a nation-state that has long been labeled the “world’s largest democracy;” a progressive and protective constitution; a system of laws designed to proscribe and punish acts of discrimination on the basis of caste; broad-based programs of affirmative action that include […]