The website of a major UK newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has published an IDSN comment piece, in which India is being urged to support international efforts to end caste discrimination.

India should endorse the draft UN Principles and Guidelines to eliminate caste discrimination. By taking the lead in the global struggle against a human rights issue that affects an estimated 260 million people, the country would set an example to others and strengthen its own unsuccessful efforts to rid itself of caste discrimination.

This is the message in a new IDSN comment piece that was published on Friday 16 April by – the web edition of one of the UK’s leading newspapers, the Daily Telegraph.

Recently, civil society activists and an MP have urged the Indian government to stop opposing the inclusion of caste discrimination in the international human rights regime.  IDSN coordinator Rikke Nöhrlind argues that India’s opposition to international involvement in the issue is in deep contrast to its own binding treaty obligations.

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