More than 100,000 viewers have watched the powerful short documentary ‘I’m Dalit how are you?’ on Youtube.

It only lasts 11:15 minutes, but within this short time span, ‘I’m Dalit how are you?’ manages to tell a powerful story about the inhuman and humiliating conditions that India’s Dalits are forced to endure.

The documentary was uploaded on Youtube in 2006, and its viewing figures recently exceeded 100,000. These viewers have now gained a basic insight into the appalling discrimination that Dalits encounter in their daily lives.

The film includes footage of Dalits performing the degrading and unhealthy task of manual scavenging and of others working in sewers. Many Dalits are interviewed, including victims of caste violence and a bright girl who dropped out of school because she could not stand the discrimination she suffered from her teachers.

‘I’m Dalit how are you?’ is based on two videos about Dalits – ‘Lesser Humans’ and ‘Resilient Rhythms’. It was produced with the support of Danchurchaid. IDSN has shown it in many public settings and to many international officials to make them more aware of caste discrimination.

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