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Caste related extracts from the 2023 European Parliament’s annual report on human rights and democracy in the world and the European Union’s policy on the matter (Adopted 2023)


January 8th, 2024||

Report of the Working group on the UPR India 4th cycle 2022


April 19th, 2023||

Speaking out against caste discrimination at the Women at Work Conference – International Dalit Solidarity Network


November 15th, 2022||

IDSN members take part in training on interaction with the European Union – International Dalit Solidarity Network


November 15th, 2022||

Report of the Secretary-General “A global call for concrete action for the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance and the comprehensive implementation of and followup to the Durban Declaration and Programme of A


June 10th, 2022||

Ensuring a gender-responsive and effective Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence legislation


April 1st, 2022||

South Asia State of Minorities Report 2021 – Hate Speech against Minorities – Minority Rights Group


March 29th, 2022||

Protection of Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan – The Norwegian Human Rights Fund


January 24th, 2022||

Nepal: UN Poverty Expert says caste discrimination is “the single most important factor” explaining why Dalits are disproportionately affected by poverty – International Dalit Solidarity Network


January 24th, 2022||

A new chapter: Interview with Sandra Petersen, outgoing Executive Director – The Norwegian Human Rights Fund


January 24th, 2022||