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Report: European Parliament calls for an EU policy on caste discrimination, country strategies and dedicated focal points


May 21st, 2024||

EU-India report calls for an EU strategy on addressing caste discrimination (IDSN News)


January 29th, 2024||

Dalit voices resonate in Brussels: IDSN takes part in the EU NGO Forum 2023 (IDSN News)


January 29th, 2024||

2022 Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World – Report of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy | EEAS


January 29th, 2024||

Caste Discrimination highlighted in the EU’s Annual Human Rights Report (IDSN News)


January 29th, 2024||

Caste related extracts from the 2023 European Parliament’s annual report on human rights and democracy in the world and the European Union’s policy on the matter (Adopted 2023)


January 8th, 2024||

The European Parliament calls for stepping up consultations with Dalit communities and the adoption of a policy addressing intersectional discrimination (IDSN)


January 8th, 2024||

Dalit women and hate-speech – IDSN briefing for the EU in relation to the UN CSW67 – 2022


March 13th, 2023||

EU briefing on human rights situation for Dalits in Pakistan (2022)


March 13th, 2023||

Contemporary forms of slavery affecting persons belonging to ethnic, religious and linguistic minority communities Report of the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, including its causes and consequences, Tomoya Obokata


November 15th, 2022||