IDSN has published a Roadmap to the “UNOHCHR Guidance Tool on Descent-Based Discrimination: Key challenges and strategic approaches to combat caste-based discrimination and analogous forms of discrimination.” The Roadmap serves as an introduction to the concepts and recommendations covered in the tool.

The Roadmap offers check boxes on actions within the four main areas covered in the tool: Learn, Involve, Support and Act. It summarises key concepts drawing on text excerpts from the UNOHCHR Guidance Tool and offers direct links to good practice cases and useful documentation and examples.

The Roadmap can be used by UN agencies and country teams and support civil society in caste-affected countries to navigate the guidelines and support them in ensuring accountability. The Roadmap may also serve as a useful introduction for UN and EU officials globally to understand the issue of caste-based discrimination and the action that needs to be undertaken to counter this.

Download the PDF of the IDSN Roadmap


The Roadmap is based directly on the UNOHCHR Guidance Tool – read more about the tool here >>