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Report of the Secretary-General “A global call for concrete action for the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance and the comprehensive implementation of and followup to the Durban Declaration and Programme of A


June 10th, 2022||

Call for inputs to report on contemporary forms of slavery as affecting persons belonging to ethnic, religious and linguistic minority communities


March 29th, 2022||

What the data tells us about love and marriage in India – BBC News


January 24th, 2022||

Global forum addresses the caste and sanitation work nexus (IDSN News)


January 24th, 2022||

What Arivu’s ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ Tells Us About the Cultural Resistance to Caste


September 21st, 2021||

Gang rape exposes caste violence in India and the limits of Me Too


September 21st, 2021||

80% of sexual violence against Dalit women committed by dominant caste men: Report


September 21st, 2021||

India must consider untouchability as a form of racism: Civil society tells UN panel


September 20th, 2021||

Opinion | Why Is Caste Inequality Still Legal in America? – The New York Times


August 11th, 2021||

Modern slavery in India: Patterns of patriarchy, politics, and “progress” – The Norwegian Human Rights Fund


August 11th, 2021||