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Joint submission to the call for input from the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association for his report to be presented at the 50th session of the Human Rights Council


August 3rd, 2021||

‘There is a tendency to blame the victim’: More needs to be done to solve India’s rape epidemic | The Independent


December 17th, 2020||

Joint letter urges EU to raise serious concern for Dalit human rights defenders at the EU-India summit (IDSN News)


September 8th, 2020||

Dalit women activists highlight caste and gender discrimination at UN hearing (IDSN News)


July 28th, 2020||

5 Dalit Artists Challenging Casteism Through Music, Films And Literature (Feminism in India)


June 11th, 2020||

Dalit women against an ancient system of discrimination (I Defend Rights Internview)


July 4th, 2019||

“Today, we are not here only to speak of our plight. We are also agents of change”, says Ruth Manorama at the UN Human Rights Council (IDSN News)


April 3rd, 2019||

Joint NGO statement for meeting between the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs and accredited NGOs (IDSN)


October 2nd, 2018||

India: MRG & IDSN strongly condemn latest arrests of prominent human rights defenders (IDSN)


October 2nd, 2018||

Senior UN official raises concern over the ‘de facto’ rejection of ECOSOC status for IDSN (IDSN News)


September 20th, 2018||