Dalit children in Gujarat will protest against being forced to clean toilets and septic tanks at the upcoming rally against manual scavenging, organized by Grassroots Dalit organization Navsarjan.

Photo: Jakob Carlsen – India

The protest rally will take place on the 17th of August at noon in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. 1000 children from the affected Valmiki community will be present at the event and will be speaking about their plight and the pain of being born into a lower-caste. Other speakers include Dalit leaders and activists, journalists and academics.

Click here to download the press release for the event, which includes more information on the event and the activities of Navsarjan. In the release you will also find profiles and statements from children who have been involved in this type of work.

For further information please contact Navsarjan directly on navsarjan1@gmail.com