Three major organisations in Nepal have welcomed a judgment in a case involving a caste-related assault. The perpetrator was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment.

Describing it as an important step forward in the fight against discrimination in Nepal, the National Dalit Commission (NDC), the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) have welcomed an important judgment in a case involving caste discrimination.

The Baitadi District Court found that, in July 2009, the main defendant physically assaulted the father of a groom during a wedding ceremony for practicing “rituals reserved for high- caste communities”. The Court sentenced the accused to a year’s imprisonment and a fine of five thousand rupees.

“We note the judgment of Baitadi District Court and welcome the Court initiative,” the three organisations said in a press release.

In a similar assault case against Dalits in 2009, the same District Court sentenced the main perpetrator to two years imprisonment and a fine of 25,000 rupees. However, the three organisations expressed concern that the culprit in this case was nominated to a public position after his conviction.

NDC, NHRC and OHCHR-Nepal noted that both verdicts are in accordance with international law as well as the Interim Constitution of Nepal.

Read the joint press release here