The IDSN Annual Report 2011 sums up the many positive developments in the struggle to end caste discrimination that the year has brought and outlines some of the remaining challenges that will keep us all engaged in this struggle for many years to come.

It describes key developments within IDSN’s United Nations, European Union, private sector and networking and communication work as well as organisational information. In addition, it presents analyses and descriptions of the 2011 situation in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and describes the work of Dalit Solidarity Networks in European Countries.

The report also includes a summary of IDSN’s milestone event in 2011, the International Consultation on Caste-Based Discrimination: Good Practices and Strategies to Eliminate Caste-Based Discrimination.

The report is richly illustrated with photographs by among others photographers Jakob Carlsen, Vivien Francis and Abir Abdullah. Read the full report here: