The two bills seek to address severe gaps in implementation of the existing legislation and other shortcomings that have seriously hampered access to justice and entitlements for Dalits.

The appeal states that:

“More than 600 organizations have come together to express the deep disappointment and resentment among Dalits and Adivasis that the present government of India appears to be failing to legislate the comprehensive atrocity bill and the budget legislation (SCP and TsP bill), tabled in the parliament.”

“Promises and commitments were made by Ministers to introduce [this legislation] in various Parliamentary sessions … this delay seeks to perpetuate the subjugation of the Dalit and Adivasi community.”

“The Government of India we feel, can and must approve and move immediately the above mentioned two Bills in the session. Since this will be the last Parliamentary session for this five year period we request you to raise this issue in this session itself, otherwise the whole effort of the community will be lost.”

“We, on behalf of Dalit and Adivasis communities assure the Government of India, political parties and elected representatives that Dalits and Adivasis, will not stand for continued inequality.”

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