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Women tied to bonded labour in Tamil Nadu: Survey (The Times of India)


October 13th, 2014||

I Tried to See Where My T-Shirt Was Made, and the Factory Sent Thugs After Me (Mother Jones on Sumangali workers))


October 8th, 2014||

Bonded (Child) Labour in the South Indian Garment Industry – An Update of Debate and Action on the ‘Sumangali Scheme’ (SOMO/ICN, News, 2012)


October 24th, 2012||

Follow-Up Question: Bonded (Child) Labour of Dalit Girls in Garment Production of EU-Based Companies (Peter Van Dalen, News, 2012)


October 24th, 2012||

Modern Slavery in India – Bonded Labour Cases (Franciscans International, 2012, Report)


October 9th, 2012||

Exploited Dalit Girls Produce Garments in India for European and US Markets – Companies Have Taken Steps, But Exploitation Remains Widespread (SOMO/India Comittee of the Netherlands, 2011, Press)


August 9th, 2012||

Maid in India (SOMO, 2012, Publication)


August 3rd, 2012||

Still ‘Captured by Cotton’? – Update on Exploitation of Women Workers in the Garment Industry in Tamil Nadu, South India (SOMO/ICN, 2011, Publication)


August 3rd, 2012||

Dalit Girls Working Under Slave Like Conditions in India’s Garment Industry (IDSN, 2011, News)


August 3rd, 2012||

Motion Passed in Dutch Parliament on Full Supply Chain Transparency in India’s Garment Industry, Following Report Highlighting Dalits in Bonded Labour (IDSN, 2012, News)


August 3rd, 2012||