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Contemporary forms of slavery affecting persons belonging to ethnic, religious and linguistic minority communities Report of the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, including its causes and consequences, Tomoya Obokata


November 15th, 2022||

An open letter to the Prime Minister, Minister for Women & Child Development and Minister of Social justice & empowerment | Omid Nouripour


September 20th, 2021||

EU Consultation for an Initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance


March 10th, 2021||

Universal Periodic Report of Nepal 3rd Cycle – Fact Sheet


January 20th, 2021||

IDSN engages with the Human Rights Council 45th session on caste, slavery and water and sanitation (IDSN News)


November 3rd, 2020||

Dalit women tour Germany and the US to raise awareness of caste violence (IDSN news)


September 22nd, 2015||