From the streets of South Asia, activists fighting for justice, human rights and freedom from caste apartheid are now bringing the campaign #NoCasteLeftBehind to Europe. The activists will be in Brussels to take part in the European Development Days from 18-19 June.

 14 June 2019

“We are here to tell the world that if we are serious about leaving no-one behind, we must put the voices of the 260 million people suffering at the bottom of caste-stratified countries, at the centre of the conversation.” Says Durga Sob, Founder, Feminist Dalit Organisation, Nepal

Violent attacks against Dalits are rising and development markers show that Dalits are consistently behind on everything from access to justice to health and education. UN and INGO studies find that in India, for example:

  • Dalit women die 14.6 years younger than the average woman
  • Dalits are the targets of over 60% of hate crimes
  • 57% of Dalit children enrolled in elementary school drop out

National campaigns led by Dalit activists calling for an end to caste inequalities have been successful at raising awareness and claiming rights. With global solidarity and a united push for change, even more can and must be achieved.

“If we fail to tackle caste, we are failing those left the furthest behind.” Says Meena Varma, Executive Director of the International Dalit Solidarity Network. “It is time to stand in solidarity with Dalit human rights defenders to ensure that there is #NoCasteLeftBehind.”

For more information:

Download the press release as a PDF here >>

Note for journalists: Dalit activists from Nepal, India and Bangladesh, will be available for interviews in Brussels from the 18-19 June at the European Development Days.


Meena Varma, Executive Director, International Dalit Solidarity Network

E-mail: Tel: +45 60433432

Claire Ivers, EU Advocacy Consultant, International Dalit Solidarity Network