The report ‘Caste-hate speech: Addressing hate speech based on work and descent’ was launched today by the International Dalit Solidarity Network. The report examines caste-hate speech with a particular emphasis on digital media. It is based on extensive research and offers numerous real-life examples of caste-hate speech and its relation to caste-based hate crime.

The report argues that global policymakers should consider caste a protected characteristic related to hate speech policies. It calls for the recognition and inclusion of caste in all international covenants related to human rights and hate speech. It further sets out action plans to mitigate hate speech in everyday conversations increasingly mediated by and saturated on digital platforms.

“This report is an admirable and well-researched exploration of a serious, but neglected, human rights issue. In particular, the report uncovers an alarming trend on social media platforms – the de facto normalisation of caste-hate speech as a means to oppress and humiliate Dalits,” said Dr Fernand de Varennes, UN Special Rapportuer on minority issues.

The report aims to set a policy agenda and raise media and public awareness of caste-hate speech campaigns and advocacy strategies and offers a number of key recommendations for addressing caste-hate speech.

Download the full report here >>