We are pleased to bring you the IDSN Annual Report 2017. The report covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s United Nations, European Union, and communications and networking work. The report can be downloaded from our website on http://www.idsn.org/ar2017.

The highlights of the report include:

  • The UN OHCHR launched a guidance tool addressing caste-based discrimination and IDSN publishes a roadmap to the new tool
  • The UPRs of India and Pakistan yielded several recommendations on caste-based discrimination
  • Treaty body reviews of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka included recommendations on caste discrimination
  • Young Dalit women speak out at the UN Forum on Minority Issues
  • Reports and statements from Special Rapporteurs include references to caste-based discrimination
  • Dalit activists take part in IDSN’s workshop on UN and EU advocacy in Nepal
  • MEPs send an open letter on caste discrimination ahead of the EU-India summit
  • EU’s Annual Report, and the European Parliament’s Annual Report, on human rights highlight concern over caste discrimination
  • Dalit activists take part in the EU NGO forum