The case of the rape and hanging of two girls in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, widely reported to be Dalits, has caused a global media storm of reports on rape and violence against women in India and the strong links to caste discrimination. Numerous stories have highlighted that India’s ‘rape culture’ and ‘culture of impunity’ will not end until caste discrimination is tackled head on. Leading Human Rights NGOs and the UN have also made statements.

Although the Badaun case hit the global headlines, similar stories of rape, gang-rape or murder of Dalit girls and women in India go unreported every day. As global media have been raging over this case four Dalit teenagers, victims of gang-rape by dominant caste men in Haryana have been protesting in New Delhi to get justice and have the perpetrators convicted. Impunity in cases of rape and violence against Dalit women, where men from the dominant castes are perpetrators, is unfortunately routine. Find more information, cases and quotes on Dalit women in the leaflet Dalit women fight! that has just been released by IDSN.

Below is a list of selected press clippings from the Badaun case on the linkages between caste discrimination and rape in India.

Press Clippings

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