Caste discrimination is one of the biggest human rights problems, affecting approximately 260 million people worldwide. We all have an obligation to work for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights – for everyone, no matter where they live.

We urge you to:

A. Follow the specific recommendations

Set out in the Appeal to the European Parliament, the Commission, the EEAS and the Council to take action to end caste discrimination (

B. Review bilateral relations

Review EU’s cooperation with caste-affected countries to make sure caste discrimination is being adressed in the activities, whether development and relief cooperation, scientific cooperation, cultural cooperation, trade cooperation or other. All citizens must be able to benefit equally from the cooperation. Make special efforts to ensure that caste discrimination will not take place within bilateral activities, for example in disaster emergency relief operations.

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C.  Make caste discrimination a focus area and employ special measures

Make the elimination of caste discrimination a special focus area. Develop strategies and put in place policies to work for its elimination. Facilitate support to appropriate research institutions, development and human rights organisations in your country.

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D. Raise caste discrimination in political and human rights dialogues

Make sure caste discrimination is always raised in political and human rights dialogues between EU and caste affected countries.

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E. Ensure follow up on European Parliament resolution B6‑0021/2007

On 20 December 2006 the European Parliament passed resolution B6‑0021/2007 on the human rights situation of Dalits in India. It calls for a action on a whole range of measures.  Follow up on it.

Read European Parliament resolution B6‑0021/2007 on the human rights situation of the Dalits in India

F. Trade

IDSN recommends that European Commission delegations in caste-affected countries encourage reservations and affirmative action policies of EU-based companies and promote the use of the Ambedkar Principles and the Dalit Discrimination Check tool.

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