In 2012, IDSN issued an appeal to the European Parliament, the Commission, the EEAS and the Council.  The document contains specific recommendations to these institutions and reflects IDSN’s concern that the EU in the future systematically addresses caste-related human rights violations and poverty issues at all levels of operation and policy making.

IDSN insists that the EU must include caste as a ground of discrimination, alongside other forms of discrimination, to be pursued under EU policies to fight discrimination and addressed in cross-cutting thematic programmes.

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In May 2010, IDSN published a policy paper containing proposals for a comprehensive EU policy framework for the elimination of caste discrimination. The paper recommends actions for EU bodies and member states to address this form of discrimination.

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In May 2008, IDSN issued a set of recommendations to EU institutions in connection with the hearing in the European Parliament ”Caste Discrimination in South Asia – 260 million reasons why Europe should act”, sponsored by MEPs Margrete AUKEN (Greens, DK), Jean LAMBERT (Greens, UK), Maria MARTENS (PPE, NL) and Claude MORAES (PSE, UK).