US President Barak Obama on Dr B R Ambedkar

US President Barak Obama on Dr B R Ambedkar

Prime Documentaries: The Holy Wives

Directed by Ritesh Sharma, the film The Holy Wives documents the life of a woman, who is raped in the name of tradition even before she could understand the meaning of sex and the impoverished life that she leads till death. It also goes deep into the struggle a woman from this community forges […]

Low-caste Indians forced into ‘dirty’ jobs

According to Human Rights Watch, this includes manually cleaning toilets.

That’s despite a highly-publicised law introduced last year that was meant to end the “discriminatory practice”.

Shikha Bhattacharjee from Human Rights Watch in Delhi tells Bev O’Connor low-caste Indians have trouble transcending their designated roles, and are often rejected from better jobs based on their caste.

Forced to Clean Human Waste in India

The Indian government should end “manual scavenging” – the cleaning of human waste by communities considered low-caste – by ensuring that local officials enforce the laws prohibiting this discriminatory practice. The government should implement existing legislation aimed to assist manual scavenging community members find alternative, sustainable livelihoods.

‘Upper’ caste men burn down dalit homes in Bihar village

The conflict arose because the attackers had been trying to forcefully evict the residents. A meeting date was negotiated between both the parties to settle the issue. Instead, 12 men arrived at the spot on the 7th of April, 2 days early, taking the residents by surprise. After beating up and abusing several individuals, they set […]

Bulbul, India

Bulbul: Song of the Nightingale documents the life of a young Banchara girl living off National Highway 79 in Madhya Pradesh, India. Though only twelve years old, Bulbul already stands at a crossroads. The likelihood is high that her parents will soon force her into the longstanding community tradition of prostitution. Bulbul’s tribe, the Banchara, have […]


A decade ago we reported on how discrimination against Dalit students was widespread in schools across the country. Boys and girls queued up on caste lines to drink water – one row was allowed to touch the pot; the other was not. They ate their mid-day meals out of separate plates and were only […]

Video – Child Labour in India

World Vision Australia gives you an insight into Child Labour. 280 million children in the world are involved in Child Labour, India is home to the largest number of child labourers. World Vision is acting now – and you can too.


Child Labour in India (World Vision Australia)