‘Help us get justice, please’: Dalit girl assaulted in UP’s Hathras succumbs (newslaundry.com)
Full ground report and interviews with the family and other villagers. Published 20/9/2020

The Bajhang rape and murder case (The Record, Nepal)
12 year-old Dalit girl in Nepal allegedly raped and killed in a temple by a dominant caste perpetrator. Published 27/9/2020

Hathras gang rape: India victim cremated ‘without family’s consent’ (BBC)
“The family of a Dalit woman who died after she was allegedly gang-raped has accused police officials of cremating her body without their permission.” Published 30/9/2020

In Hathras Rape Victim’s Village, Caste Discrimination Is an Everyday Reality (The Wire)
“Our daughter’s rape has laid bare the caste inequality and the discrimination that the Thakurs practice in this village. Because of this, we are not safe. We must be given security, or we will have to leave this village for good,” says the victim’s father. Published 1/10/2020

India outrage over gang rapes leading to death (Al Jazeera)
Video by Al Jazeera covering the issue around the caste based raped, burying the evidences, burning the body of the girl without handing over the body to the family, media blockade and also police attacked on the opposition parties and politicians trying to meet the victim’s families. There has been outrage in India after the case of a woman who was gang-raped and subsequently died came to light in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The latest victim was a 22-year-old who died on Tuesday – the same day a 19-year-old girl also died after having been gang-raped. Both victims were from the Dalit community, which often faces discrimination. Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports. Published on 1/10/2020

A second Dalit woman has died after alleged gang rape, sparking outrage and protests across India (CNN)
“A 22-year-old woman died of severe injuries in India after being allegedly gang raped on Tuesday, according to authorities — the same day another 19-year-old woman died from a separate gang rape incident, prompting nationwide outrage and growing protests. Both women, from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, were Dalits.” Published on 1/10/2020

Hathras Case: The Intersecting Factors Behind Structural Violence Against Dalit Women (The Wire)

“We have witnessed time and again how rape and other forms of sexual violence are used against Dalit women to dehumanise the community and maintain caste-based hierarchies and power relations.” Published on 1/10/2020

India Dalit rape victim family ‘locked up as police burned body’ (Al Jazeera)
“We told the administration we want to cremate her in the morning as per Hindu rituals, but they did not listen to us. They locked us inside our home and burned her body,” the girl’s brother told Al Jazeera.” Published on 2/10/2020

Hathras case: Are Indian state police trying to discount a woman’s story of rape? (BBC)
”Clearly, the latest case of sexual violence that has roiled India is already mired in allegations of tardy investigations, lax forensics and dubious statements by the police.” Published 2/10/2020

Exclusive: Aligarh Hospital MLC Report on Hathras Victim Shatters UP Police’s ‘No Rape’ Claim (The Wire)
Official document notes use of force against woman, notes the detail she provided of penetration by penis. Curiously, the sexual assault forensic exam was only conducted on September 22, eight days after she was admitted and examined. Published on 3/10/2020

Hathras Victim’s Mother Speaks to Barkha Dutt | “They have threatened to kill us” | Ground Report (Mojo – Video)
The mother of the 19 year old Dalit woman who was raped and murdered in a village in Hathras has spoken of her pain and anger. She speaks to Barkha Dutt and reveals that the family was offered 25 lakhs to settle the case which they declined. “I only want justice for my daughter. Will India Stand by me?” Published on 3/10/2020

Can We Please Not Call The Hathras Rape ‘The Nirbhaya Of Hathras’? (Huffingtonpost.in)
It was questioned if a brutal crime committed by upper caste Thakurs was even a ‘caste crime’ in the first place. Analysis by Riya Singh of @dalitwomenfight. Published on 4/10/2020

Being True to this Daughter Means Confronting the Caste System in Her Rape and Murder (The Wire)
The state’s response to the Hathras case demonstrates once again, the resilience of caste as an abiding barrier to justice in India, one that trumps gender.  “Justice for the Hathras victim lies in embracing the truth of her life as a Dalit woman, and her death because of it. Hang the rapists is no solution. Bury the caste system is what we need to say and do.” Published on 4/10/2020

Valmiki sanitation workers go on strike demanding justice in Hathras case (Sabrang)
“Strikes and protests by various members of the Valmiki community against the injustice in the Hathras case have taken the country by storm in what seems to be one of the most significant agitations for the 19-year-old Dalit women. Sanitation workers from the Valmiki community – to which the victim belonged – declared an eight-day strike in Agra and Firozabad on October 3 to show solidarity with the family. According to news reports, protesters allegedly pelted stones at the police that hurled back stones as well.” Published on 5/10/2020

Caste Impunity Vs Legal Protection For The Hathras Rape Victim (Feminism in India)
“The development of the Hathras case shows instances that manifest various ways in which the gap between societal protection to ‘upper’ caste men and lack of legal protection to Dalit victims is kept wide and gaping.”
Published on 19/10/2020