IDSN recommends governments to take, as appropriate, the following measures to ensure Dalits’ right to equal participation and non-discrimination in education:

  1. Governments should adopt special measures in favour of descent-based groups and communities in order to ensure their enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular concerning access to public functions, employment and education.
  1. National and local governments should take effective measures to reduce dropout rates and increase enrolment rates among children of affected communities at all levels of public and private schooling.
  1. Governments should take concrete steps to eradicate the existing prevalence of caste-based discrimination in schools, including stereotypical and demeaning references in e.g. school books; ensure inclusion of children of affected communities in schools; and disseminate general information about the importance of non-discrimination and respect for affected communities in the entire education system.
  1. Governments should take all necessary measures to remove obstacles, including child labour, which keep children from regular full time education. Governments should also pay particular attention to the need of providing adequate education to illiterate children and adults who have not had any formal education.
  1. Governments should enable and improve educational and professional training for Dalit girls and boys so they can move to other professions of their own choice.
  1. National and local governments should promote a public campaign to raise awareness both among the public and among government officials, teachers, and media practitioners on discrimination based on work and descent. Areas of attention should not only include the print and broadcasting media but also alternative avenues of information dissemination, such as local oral information through theatre, songs, etc. as well as information via the internet.

More specific recommendations on education:

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