In recent years, a number of Members of the European Parliament and EP political groups have published comment pieces, press releases or web articles on the issue of caste discrimination:

S&Ds call for targeted action against caste-based discrimination >> (October 2013)

ALDE: The EU must fight caste-based discrimination >> (October 2013)

Untouchables: Stop discriminations based on castes! (Greens) (October 2013)

The EU must address caste discrimination in dialogues with India (Alf Svensson, April 2013). Mr Svensson’s original Swedish language article was published on the Newsmill website on 5 March 2013.

Caste discrimination: Stop talking, action now! (Peter van Dalen, New Europe, 20 March 2011)

Caste discrimination affects more than a quarter of a billion people globally (Leonidas Donskis, 7 March 2011)